Public Policy Consulting


Griffin & Strong, P.C. is a national leader in policy consulting and in disparity research analysis. Our findings lead to tangible results, as we are the only law firm prepared to address the issues identified in disparity research studies with actual legislation.

GSPC’s public policy consulting division is uniquely skilled and experienced in every stage and aspect of policy research and application, from analysis to drafting legislation to program implementation. We apply a hands-on approach to the programs we design, working to train staff on their new functions, tasks and work processes resulting from the new legislation our studies spur.

Attorney Rodney K. Strong procured and managed one of the first disparity studies in 1989, following the city of Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co.488U.S.469, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that made these studies necessary.

As a law firm, first and foremost, we are perfectly suited to respond to any legal attempts made to counter our new legislative efforts at providing all citizens equal opportunity to compete for public contracting work. In order to sustain success with high-quality disparity studies and quantitative research, we must endeavor to understand the specific legal and political environment of each government client. As a result, we apply an open and flexible approach to develop policy options that are able to survive intense legal and political scrutiny.

Recent Projects

Full Disparity Studies

  • Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

  • Fulton County, GA

  • City of Tacoma, WA

  • City of Greensboro, NC

  • St. Louis County, MO

  • City of Memphis, TN

  • City of Savannah, GA

  • Georgia Department of Transportation

  • Cuyahoga County, OH

  • City and County of Durham, NC

Program Legislation

  • Clayton County, GA

  • State of Tennessee

  • Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

  • Durham County, NC